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The "SignWriter Editor" Software is a free hieroglyphic transcription tool. It is primarily designed for entering hieroglyphic texts for the database project. It is however a useful for those who are learning the languages of ancient Egypt. It is capable of displaying, typing and editing Egyptian texts in MdC format. It also includes a fast free dictionary which has over 20,000 entries.

The SignWriter project is currently in development and will soon be available for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, and hopefully also Windows based mobiles, iPad and PDA's. The aim is to make it more widely available for amateurs, students and professionals who have a requirement for ancient Egyptian language tools. The SignWriter Editor is capable of rendering texts using built in fonts that can display hieroglyphic, latin, transliteration and coptic texts. It's self contained and doesn't require you to install anything else.

The SignWriter Editor application is completely free, fully functional and available to download right away. There are no disabled features, no adverts, no license required, updates are free and it never expires.

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