Online Service; Project Goals

The SignWriter Online Service is currently in development and will provide a set of online Egyptology tools with cross-platform and multi-browser support. The project's initial goals are set out below but feedback and suggestions for new features are always welcome. If you would like to access previews and help to test the system then please let me know at


Putting Hieroglyphics Online

Goal 1: To create a method of displaying Ancient Egyptian Hieroglypic texts using a standard font via web browsers. This will be used extensively in the new SignWriter Online Service but  it will also be made available for embedding short texts on external websites or for users to create their own PDF documents. The processing is being done server-side to create a simple flat HTML output that is supported by all browsers.


Making Texts Accessible

Gaol 2: The next goal is to provide and extensive library of Ancient Egyptian Texts. These will be available to view and search online. Full searching of texts for individual words, phrases, transliterations, translations or individual signs will be available. The texts can be read online or downloaded as PDF files and printed.


Online Dictionary

Goal 3: To provide a comprehensive online dictionary. The existing SignWriter has fast searching., you can look up words quickly in English or Egyptian and the dictionary has over 25,000 entries. The dictionary contains references to source, examples, and can be searched using English, Egyptian, Coptic or Transliteration (MdC). This will be expanded and made fully searchable online.

Further Project Goals

4: To enable typesetting of short texts and phrases and download them as images for embedding in projects.

5: To educate and continue support of the MdC format and correct its flaws and ambiguities via software.

6: To provide support materials for offline Egyptian lessons.

7: To create an online learning environment and tools for students of the Ancient Egyptian Languages.

Community News

SignWriter Online

The website has been updated to include plans for the new SignWriter Online Service which is being built in 2018.

Social media

The new facebook group and twitter feed is now live so please follow us or join our group. This will allow us to keep SignWriter's users up to date and get feedback on new features.

Beta 2.3

In preparation for the next set of updates the application has been built using the latest compiler. Beta 2.3 is a Windows 64-bit native application.

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