SignWriter Egyptology Software is a free, integrated set of Egyptian language tools being developed for Windows and Linux based PC's. The development of this software is driven by a desire to create a self contained and feature rich application that is useful to anyone studying ancient Egyptian.

The software is still in development but is already useful for typesetting, editing and reading Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. You can follow the project on TWITTER and join our FACEBOOK GROUP to keep up-to-date on new releases.


Hieroglyphic Editor

A fully featured system for transcribing and reading Egyptian Hieroglyphic texts. You can create new texts, or edit existing documents using MdC codes. The SignWriter editor application is completely free, fully functional and available to download right away. There are no disabled features, no adverts, no license required, updates are free and it never expires.


Text Database

The SignWriter database project is a collection of Ancient Egyptian texts in a simplified MdC format. These texts are ready for use by the SignWriter editor. You can browse, search, view and edit Egyptian texts within the editor or download our free PDF copies.



We are creating an electronic hieroglyphic dictionary with fast searching. You can look up words quickly in English or Egyptian and the dictionary has over 25,000 entries. Each entry can be edited and notes can be added. The dictionary contains references to source, examples, and can be searched using English, Egyptian, Coptic or Transliteration (MdC).


Sign List

All of the signs used in SignWriter are listed with detailed information about each sign and its usage. The hieroglyphs are organised according to the sign list in Egyptian Grammar by Sir Alan Gardiner. It also includes signs categorised by shape to help you find signs when you are uncertain of which category they should be in. It includes; common signs, tall narrow signs, wide low signs, small signs.

Once you have found the sign you are looking for, you can then find all the dictionary entries that use that particular sign at the click of a button. 

Community News

New website 

Thanks for taking a look at the new website. It will be expanded and all of the old resources will find a home here along with some new materials.

Social media

The new facebook group and twitter feed is now live so please follow us or join our group. This will allow us to keep SignWriter's users up to date and get feedback on new features.

Beta 2.3

In preparation for the next set of updates the application has been built using the latest compiler. Beta 2.3 is a Windows 64-bit native application.

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