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    The SignWriter project comprises four Egyptology software tools for the study of Ancient Egyptian Languages. The four tools can be used independently or as an integrated set.

Database: Contains information about each text, you can browse, search, view and edit Egyptian texts from here.

Editor: A simple but effective system for transcribing and reading Egyptian Hieroglyphic texts. You can create new texts, or edit existing documents in this editor.

Dictionary: A project to create a electronic hieroglyphic dictionary with fast searching. You can look up words quickly in English or Egyptian and the dictionary has over 25,000 entries.

Sign List: Get detailed information about each sign and its usage.

In the downloads section of this website you can currently download the software for Windows, the new version will be cross compiled for Linux soon. A Mac version is planned for release once the application is out of the Beta stage. There is also a portable version in the pipeline for Android phones and Tablets. The Software is completely free to download and use but please remember that everything is still in the early stages of development.

It is also important to note that the SignWriter project is not an attempt to create a hieroglyphic type setting application, many of these already exist. It is instead intended to be a text storage and retrieval system, providing an integrated set of free Egyptology tools for reading, typing, editing, searching and cross referencing of texts.

With this in mind the texts most familiar and most useful to Egyptology students are being prepared first. Many examples will be taken from reading books or reconstructed texts and they will all read left to right in a standard font.
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Finally, this is a large project to undertake and I'm always open to offers of help, if you have an interest in Ancient Egyptian language and would like to contribute by editing dictionary entries or transcribing texts, then please let me know. You can also keep up to date with what's happening at Egyptology Software by following my Twitter feed at:

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