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The second BETA release is now ready for download for Windows and for Linux (BETA 0.2.2 - 12 May 2013).


This new version contains bug fixes and optimisations, the download size is now about 1/3 of beta 0.2.0. It also has a luncher which is in English by default but you can also run each component as a standalone application by using some new parameters. These can also be added to a shortcut -l <dict | edit | data | sign> to specify a component to launch, -c <fr | de | po | it> to specify a country code to use. Here are some examples;

SignWriter.exe -l dict Launch the dictionary component only.
SignWriter.exe -c po Use the launcher as normal but set language to Portuguese.
SignWriter.exe -l edit -c fr Launch the editor directly using French language.
SignWriter.exe -l data -c po Launch the database component in Portuguese language.

Click here for the "Change Log / History" file

SignWriter Editor Beta Version

Important information about this release:
First of all, thanks for taking a look at this software. This version is a development version, a beta release, and as such it will most certainly contain bugs and features which are not fully implemented. If you find bugs and want to report them or if you just want to follow the development of the SignWriter project then please visit the LaunchPad page.

Click to view on LunchPad!

This is a self extracting exe, not an installer. It will extract the SignWriter program and some example text files. The whole program is self contained and can be simply deleted if you no longer require it. It doesn't alter your computer or registry in any way.

The basic ideas behind the program are implemented but everything is subject to change at this point. This version is to help shape the future development of the SignWriter project and is in no way a representation of the final release. I give no warranty that this software will function in any particular way. Please feel free to email me with any bugs, comments and feature requests.

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