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Hieroglyphic Dictionary

The SignWriter dictionary entries are being compiled from several sources including: Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Raymond O Faulkner; Wörterbuch der Ägyptischen Sprache, Adolf Erman and Hermann Grapow; A Coptic Dictionary, Walter Ewing Crum.


The Dictionary

Creating an electronic hieroglyphic dictionary has presented some interesting challenges. It needs to be capable of displaying a mixture of langauge outputs; English, Hieroglyphic, Transliteration and Coptic.

The dictionary has been build and indexed to be fast to search allowing you to find results quickly. There are now 25,000 entries but more are added all the time and corrections and updates are being made. The dictionary contains references to source, examples, and can be searched using English, Egyptian, Coptic or Transliteration (MdC).

Community News

SignWriter Online

The website has been updated to include plans for the new SignWriter Online Service which is being built in 2018.

Social media

The new facebook group and twitter feed is now live so please follow us or join our group. This will allow us to keep SignWriter's users up to date and get feedback on new features.

Beta 2.3

In preparation for the next set of updates the application has been built using the latest compiler. Beta 2.3 is a Windows 64-bit native application.

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